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MSIX Commander released

It’s not that long since the last release of MSIX Commander. But my friend Peter Fankhauser was so kind to do some testing with the last release and found some bugs around the App Attach vhd generation.

So, I invested some time to fix those bugs and even fix another one I found recently.

And while I was at it, I implemented a new feature where you easily can start the applications that are contained in an MSIX.

This new release (and the release include the following:



– Start Button that lets you start the Applications from a selected MSIX


– Stage Scrip now uses Mount-DiskImage instead of Mount-VHD

– Optimized the download of the msixmgr tool so that it works even when you now longer have
IE installed

– Improved the generated Stage Script to attach a vhd. It now waits for the staging to
finish bevor it returns the status.

– Fixed a Bug where the Tool failed when there was an ” in the path to the pfx.



– Fixed a
problem that the Hyper-V role was needed to create an app attach vhd.

– Fixed a problem where sometimes the size of the vhd was to small

Like always you find the new version here on github either as a simple portable exe or as an MSIX Package.


I hope you enjoy that new functionality. If you have any feature requests or find any bugs please let me know, either in the comments below or on github.


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