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Summit 2023 – Community Stage Presentations

The Workplace Ninja Summit 2023 was a great event that brought together experts and enthusiasts of workplace management and security. Among the many sessions that were offered, four of them focused on the topic of passwordless authentication and how to leverage Microsoft Graph and Azure to achieve it. Below are the Community Stage sessions

  1. Niklas Tinner – baseVISION: Intune Change Tracking Azure Workbook
  2. Sander Rozemuller – Exite ICT: Zero Trust Emergency Access: A Multi-Layered, Passwordless Solution
  3. Martin Kupka – Partners Group AG: MS Graph and REST API for Effective Intune Automation
  4. Guus van Berge – InSpark: Lessons learned when going Passwordless

 I hope this blogpost helps you to share the insights and knowledge from the Workplace Ninja Summit 2023. If you need any further assistance, please let me know. 😊

I developed an Azure Workbook that displays the most relevant events of your Intune environment. The dashboard presents visual charts and provides search and filter functionalities.

Niklas Tinner – baseVISION

Niklas works as a Endpoint Engineer with a focus on Intune and the Microsoft Modern Workspace.

As you know, Microsoft recommends to use break glass accounts and exclude them from your security configuration. These break glass accounts can be used in case of emergency, for example when there are issues with Microsoft Entra Id Conditional Access. In most cases these break glass accounts are protected by complex passwords only and make them vulnerable for attack.
In this session, I will discuss and demonstrate a more secure alternative to using break glass accounts as we know them today. This alternative uses a multi layered authentication flow without the need for MFA.

Sander Rozemuller – Exite ICT

Sander works as a Cloud Architect mainly in the Modern Workspace and automation.

Discover how to tackle real-world scenarios where existing Microsoft.Graph.Intune PowerShell modules fall short in managing Intune tasks like adding categories to multiple mobile apps. In this session, we’ll reveal how we used MS Graph and REST API calls to overcome these challenges. Learn how to identify Intune’s API calls using Edge Developer Tools, navigate relevant documentation, create REST API calls using PowerShell, and appreciate the value of automating time-consuming tasks. Join us for practical insights on enhancing your Intune automation skills.

Martin Kupka – Partners Group AG
Senior Client and Applications Engineer
Originally from Czech republic, 

In this session Guus would like to share his experiences when going passwordless.

Guus van Berge – InSpark

He works as a consultant at InSpark. His main focus is Identity but the projects he work on span as wide as the whole Modern Workplace.


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