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Pascal Berger

MSIX Commander released

For a long time, I had some issues with my tool MSIX Commander, regarding running it out of an MSIX container. Now I finally managed to get the new Version working as an MSIX. After spending numerous hours in the evening, I finally had one quiet morning alone on the

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MSIX Commander 1.0.4 released

I found some free time I could invest to add some new features to my tool MSIX Commander. Those new features are the following: Showing Dependencies (Modification Packages) of installed MSIX Packages. This was an idea by Tim Mangan. Thank you for that. Shows if sideloading is activated or not

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MSIX: Get Signtool.exe and MakeAppx.exe the easy way

If you are just starting to work with MSIX you will soon hear about the Package Support Framework (PSF) If you haven’t heard of it yet I recommend you read the following blog series: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Core-Infrastructure-and-Security/MSIX-Package-Support-Framework-Part-One-The-Blueprint/ba-p/363594 When you want to use the PSF you need to extract you MSIX Package, add

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New version of MSIX Commander released V1.0.3

I invested some evenings and added some cool new features to my tool MSIX Commander Those new features are the following: Added the Edit Manifest Tab. It lets you change the Min- and Maxversions in a Manifest of one ore multiple MSIX Files automatically. Added the Change Signature Tab. If

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MSIX Commander V1.0.0 released (get it for free)

MSIX is now already around for some time and I started to experiment with it. While I was working with it, I started to realize that it would be nice to have a little GUI tool that would help me with doing certain tasks. Therefore I decided to build such

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