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MSIX Commander 1.0.7 released

After working on it for a very very long time I now finally have a new Version that I’m ready to share.

The new version now brings the possibility to convert MSIX packages to a vhd.

You can then use that vhd for MSIX app attach in different scenarios but mainly on Virtual Desktops.

MSIX app attach is Microsoft’s way to bring MSIX packages to virtual desktops in non-persistent scenarios. This technology is now in its very early stages and I’m sure that It will get a bit more mature and polished in the future. If you want to read more about MSIX app attach, Microsoft has this documentation about it:


MSIX Commander also creates the scripts you need to stage, register, deregister and destage the vhd. 

Those scripts are a bit tweaked versions of the ones MS is providing on the page mentioned above. For the MS scripts you would need a lot of Information regarding the behind the scenes of your VHD. To make things easier I create a Json file containing all that information. The different scripts then look for that json and the vhd file in the folder they get started from. That way you don’t need to know and pass that information to the scripts.

Since there seems to be no way (or I didn’t find it) to mount a vhd file through PowerShell without the user being an admin, you must run the 1_Stage.ps1 as an administrator

To install an msix that was converted to a vhd, the machine still needs to trust the cert the msix was signed with. Therefore, I also export the cert for you, so that you could publish it through GPO or another script or whatever creative way you may come up with.

Like always you find the new version here on github either as a simple portable exe or as an MSIX Package.


I hope you enjoy that new functionality. If you have any feature requests or find any bugs please let me know, either in the comments below or on github.


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