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User Group Events

We are living in a fast moving world, impro technologies are constantly improving and therefore the exchange between experts is even more important. With smaller, local User Group Events, that take place throughout the year, we want to ensure that there is a regular exchange between experts.
Just like the annual Summit, the User Groups will also cover topics around endpoints management with ConfigMgr and Intune, virtual desktops and the complete security stack of Microsoft. Our goal is to bring the European crowd of workplace management ninjas together to share their knowledge, and to learn together. 

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User Group München

24. September 2020 (not yet open to register)

The User Group Members

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The Workplace Ninja User Groups...

... delivers a knowledge infusion ...

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In this smaller User Group Events you can connect and collaborate with like minded people from your region. 

The User Group Events take place throughout the year and ensure that there is a regular exchange between the Workplace Ninjas.  

... throughout the year.

Hosting a User Group Event

Are you interested in hosting an own User Group Event? You will benefit from using our name and our community. Do not hesitate to contact us

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