MSIX Commander 1.0.4 released

I found some free time I could invest to add some new features to my tool MSIX Commander.

Those new features are the following:

  • Showing Dependencies (Modification Packages) of installed MSIX Packages. This was an idea by Tim Mangan. Thank you for that.
  • Shows if sideloading is activated or not and allows to change the status.

You find the new version again on GitHub:

Tim also brought some problems with the tool to my attention when it is executed as an MSIX. I tried to fix those errors but unfortunately, I was not able to get them fixed yet. Therefore there is no MSIX Version of the Tool published right now.

If you missed my first blog about MSIX Commander you can find that one here:

I hope you like the tool. I would be very happy to hear your feedback, bugs and possible feature requests.

Pascal Berger

Pascal Berger

Principal Workplace Consultant at baseVISION AG
I work since 1998 in IT. Since then I have worked in numerous Deployment Projects. My specialties are SCCM, MDT, Hardware Integration, the Windows Client OS, PowerShell and mainly Software Packaging with MSI, App-V and MSIX.

I’m also the Service Owner of WimAsAService
Pascal Berger


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