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Microsoft Endpoint Manager
Thomas Kurth

ConfigMgr with missing Boundaries is a content delivery nightmare

In bigger ConfigMgr environments it’s important to manage boundaries and boundary groups to optimize content flow. Especially when using caching technologies like Peer Cache or Delivery Optimization it’s important to have them correctly configured. One of the biggest problems I often see is, that there is no notice from the

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Automatic Intune Documentation with GraphAPI

In the last time I had more and more Intune projects. Like in any other projects at some point you should start documenting the implementation. This is taking a lot of time and often doesn’t reflect the real settings for a long time, because the settings were changed again. Therefore

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Slides and Scripts of my Session at the CMCE CU2

Today, there was the great event of the Swiss ConfigMgr User Community in Zürich. As promised I share my slides and some of my scripts. Slides Scripts Check Domain Join (As Andrew said you can also extend it to check if the client is in the correct OU) Tattooing OSD

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Full Disk Space on Site Server (IIS Logs)

Many times I saw site server with a full C:\ drive. The most common problem is that the internet information services (IIS) logs are growing without a limit.     These log files are normally stored under c:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles. What options do we have to solve this problem and get a

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Repair Applications with netECM (Local and Remote)

How often do you have a problem with a single application and would like to reinstall it easily? With SCCM you have to add the client to an uninstall collection, wait until the client has received the deployment and then remove it from the uninstall collection and add it back

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Driver Management: How to detect Hardware Model for Drivers

In the past, we detected the hardware type of a computer with WMI queries in a Task Sequence step. When you deploy multiple Operating Systems or Task Sequences, you have to manage the WMI Query on many locations. Andreas Kuperschmied and Roman Andres have created an abstraction layer for this

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Automatically merge conflicting records

Reinstalling a computer can cause Configuration Manager 2007/2012 to create a new computer object for this computer and setting the existing computer object to obsolete. To prevent Configuration Manager from automatically creating new computer objects and instead merging the new record with the existing object you have to implement a

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Install and Uninstall multiple MSI Files in one application

If you have multiple MSI files which belong to one application, then you have problems to install them as single application in SCCM 2012. First of all it’s important that you check these MSI files are really one software and not components which could also be used from other applications.

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