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ConfigMgr with missing Boundaries is a content delivery nightmare

In bigger ConfigMgr environments it’s important to manage boundaries and boundary groups to optimize content flow. Especially when using caching technologies like Peer Cache or Delivery Optimization it’s important to have them correctly configured. One of the biggest problems I often see is, that there is no notice from the network team when they change or add subnets to the network. If a subnet is moved from one location to another is nearly not detectable, but we can check if devices from new subnets connect to the environment and get an automated notification for it.

My fellow Daniel Schädler started to write a script which creates a report based on the IP addresses reported by the clients if they have an assigned Boundary or not. I extended this script to also bring the option to generate the boundaries and improved the error handling. We are happy to share the result with you to make your life simpler.

How to use it

Download the Script from Github

Start the PowerShell ISE from the SCCM Console

Connect to the ConfigMgr Site by executing the pre loaded script.

Then you can execute the script by specifying the path to it and the wished parameters. The most simple one is to output the result to the PowerShell Console.

Advanced use cases

Automatically create the boundaries

With the following code you can automatically create the missed boundaries. They are not associated with any Boundary group, but you are also able to do this automatically. The code first retrieves the complete Boundary report and removes all devices which were found in a Boundary. Then it loops with the foreach statement through them and creates the boundaries via New-CMBoundary.
$New = Get-BoundaryReport -PSOutput | Where-Object { $_.AssignedBoundary -eq "" } | Select-Object -Property StartIP,EndIP -Unique
foreach($NewSubnet in $New) {
    New-CMBoundary -Name "NOTDEFINED $($NewSubnet.StartIP)" -Type IPRange -Value "$($NewSubnet.StartIP)-$($NewSubnet.EndIP)"

Send the report by mail

The following example will send the CSV Report to sccmadmin@wpninjas.ch. So the admin can take the correct actions when new Boundaries are found.
Get-BoundaryReport -CSV -Path c:\temp\ActualReport.csv

Send-MailMessage -Attachments "c:\temp\ActualReport.csv" `
 -From "sccm@wpninja.ch"`
 -Body "Here is your actual Report" `
 -SmtpServer "mail.wpninjas.ch" `
 -Subject "Actual Boundary Report" `
 -To "sccmadmin@wpninjas.ch"

Remove-Item "c:\temp\ActualReport.csv" -Force
I hope this helps you. Feedback is welcome.
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