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Update Tatooing Information with Compliance Item and netECM:MiniWebService

Today I could extend my MiniWebService (Which is freeware Zwinkerndes Smiley!!!) with a new great feature which will help ConfigMgr Admins to maintain their devices.

Typically we write some information, like the Staging date and all the device variables to the local registry during OSD. The new feature allows administrators to update these Device Variables from ConfigMgr in the registry. So they can be used trough Hardware Inventory in Reports or Collections Queries (You can’t use Device Variables directly in reports or queries).

How to

  1. Download baseVISION MiniWebService
  2. Install netECM:MiniWebService on your ConfigMgr Server (Manual can be found here)

Now you can request the variables with the following PowerShell Script:

$p = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri http://localhost/netECMMiniWebService/TSClient.svc
$varsJson = $p.GetDeviceVariables($env:computername)

The $vars Variable does now contains a JSON serialized Dictionary object. To convert the String we can use the following commands:

$ser = New-Object System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer
$vars = $ser.DeserializeObject($varsJson)

Now you can Access the result:

PS C:\Users\administrator.CONTOSO> $vars

Key                                                         Value
—                                                         —–
Company                                                     Contoso
Domain                                                      contoso
HardDiskSizeFix                                             False
Language                                                    EN
OfficeVersion                                               2007
OS                                                          Windows81

I hope this new feature will also help you in your environment. Other features of the free service are:

  • Install all assigned Apps during OS deployment. When the task sequence ends, it has really finished installing! –> Blog Post
  • Automatically change Local Administrator Passwords and store them central. –> Blog Post
  • Set BIOS Time to Server Time in TS –> Blog Post
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