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Tag: Security

Thomas Kurth

Deploy Code Signing Certificate with Intune

5.1.2021 – Updated post to include OMA-URI/Custom configuration option  In the last years the recommendation to “Code Sign” scripts should have arrived to everybody. Especially when deploying scripts with Intune or ConfigMgr at scale it’s good to sign them.  It sounds simple but regardless most don’t use it. I would

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Implementing Azure AD Privilege Management for Azure IaaS

Two years ago, we implemented AzureAD PIM in our baseVISION infrastructure to rise the security level. But after some time, we recognized, that it has too many drawbacks because the activation of the requested role took sometimes longer than a few hours. Especially in Exchange, Skype or Intune this was

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Exploiting Active Directory Administrator Insecurities

After a weekend, full of computer enthusiasts and knowledge transfer at the Defcon 26 in Las Vegas, I am working again and wanted to share a few things I learnt there. There were a few things shown about administering active directory. In this post, I want to tell you about

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