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Now WimAsAService has the opportunity to provide NVMe Support for Windows 7

A new Storage Technology so called nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) is becoming more popular. A few Resellers even deliver their Devices with this new Technology. This Technology is much faster than the well-known SSD Technology. NVMe Disks are connected through a M.2., or either a PCI-E Interface.


Windows 7 is still used by some Companies and the NVMe Support is not provided per default with Windows 7. If you Deploy Windows 7 to a Device with an NVMe Disk, without the necessary Hotfixes you might get a BlueScreenOfDeath when booting to the OOBE stage. Microsoft has released 2 Hotfixes which make it possible to deploy Windows 7 to a Device with a NVMe Disk. KB2909941 and KB2087873 are the required Hotfixes.


Because it is inconvenient to implement Hotfixes to an Image without a GUI we decided to include the two Hotfixes into WimAsAService.


We are proud to announce that these Hotfixes are now available as an Global Application in WimAsAService. If you plan to Deploy Windows 7 on Devices with NVMe Disk, just simply add the Application “GLOBAL_baseVISION_Hotfixes_for_Win7_NVMe_Support_KB2990941_KB3087873_001_P_ML_x64” to your WIM.


Find out more about WimAsAService or even request a trial here:



Get more technical information here:

https://wiki.basevision.ch/index.php?title=Wimasaservice_GlobalApplications – GLOBAL_baseVISION_Hotfixes_for_Win7_NVMe_Support_KB2990941_KB3087873_001_P_ML_x64


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