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Many new Global Apps available in WimAsAService

We provide you several “Global Apps” with WimAsAService. Every customer can use these Global Apps in his Tenant and Apps uploaded by themselves.
When we add a new Global App it usually comes from one of the two following sources.

Provided by baseVISION
Those Packages are built by our employees. They are completely tested with WimAsAService. Most of them are small tools and tweaks that help you to build your Images.

Provided by RuckZuck
RuckZuck is a cool Package Repository founded by Roger Zander. The guy that also brings us the magnificent Client Center for Configuration Manager. You can find out more about RuckZuck and the Packages it provides at http://ruckzuck.tools/

We are also providing various Packages from this Repository in WimAsAService. Some because we think they are useful for several of our Customers and others because Customers directly asked us to make them available in WimAsAService. Those Apps are not fully tested by us, nor do we know how exactly they are packaged. But they can support you in a lot of ways. You can save time and money because you don’t need to package them by yourself, you can easily test the functionality of WimAsAService when you are running a Trial, or you can create your first Windows 10 PoC Image in a few seconds.

Lately we updated and added new Apps in both categories.

Provided by baseVISION:

  • GLOBAL_Microsoft_Office365ProPlus_CurrentChanel_001_P_EN&DE_x86

Provides by RuckZuck:

  • Adobe_AcrobatReaderDC_17.012.20098_x64
  • Adobe_AcrobatReaderDCMUI_17.012.20098_64
  • Adobe_FlashPlayerActiveX_27.0.0.183_x86
  • Adobe_FlashPlayerNPAPI_27.0.0.183_x86
  • Adobe_FlashPlayerPPAPI_27.0.0.183_x64
  • Adobe_ReaderXI_11.0.22_x86
  • dotPDNLLC_paint.net_4.0.19_x86
  • FoxitSoftwareInc._FoxitReader_9.0.0.29935_x64
  • Google_Chrome_62.0.3202.89_x64
  • Microsoft_.NETFramework_4.7.1_x64
  • Microsoft_Silverlight_5.1.50907.0_x64
  • Microsoft_VCRedist2017_14.11.25325.0_x64
  • Microsoft_VCRedist2017_14.11.25325.0_x86
  • Mozilla_FirefoxESR_52.4.1_x64
  • Notepad++Team_Notepad++_7.5.1_x64
  • Oracle_Java_8.0.1510.12_x64
  • Oracle_Java_8.0.1510.12_x86
  • pdfforge_PDFCreator_3.0.1_x86
  • RogerZander_RuckZuckPowerShellProvider_1.6.0.2_x64
  • VideoLAN_VLCmediaplayer_2.2.6_x64

The latest list of all the available packages you find on our Wiki page at:


I hope you will enjoy using the new Applications.

If you want to find out more about WimAsAService, watch some videos about it or even request a trial, go here:


If you need even more technical Information you can go here:



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