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Free ConfigMgr MiniWebService Updated

I have updated the MiniWebService which is available for free. The first feature was the ability to request all device or user targeted applications over http to install them dynamically. Many customers are using this feature already. Now I extended it, so that the search only returns applications, which are allowed to be installed in a Task Sequence.


Then the Service has a new function, which returns the current time of the site server. Now you think, for what do I need that? Smiley

Sometimes the BIOS clock will be reset to an incorrect date. If this date is outside of the MP Certificate validity the client can’t request the policies. Because that I normally set the local time in the WinPE in a prerun script. Until now I had to use WMI or remote PowerShell and had to include some user credentials. Because that I implemented this function in the netECM:MiniWebService, which will provide the information over http and without credentials.

Now I can do that very easy with the following lines of code:

$p = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri http://server02/netECMMiniWebService/TSClient.svc

Set-Date $p.GetSystemTime()

The new version can be downloaded here.

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