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Best Practice: File and Folder Structure and Naming Convention for SCCM 2012 (with Poster)

This is the third post in a series of Best Practice recommendations, which I like to share with everyone. In the first part I have shared some pictures and descriptions for a folder structure. Now I will extend this to a poster of an actual version.

The intention to write this series of blog posts are, that I often see customer which have no naming convention behind their Configuration Manager projects. This means they didn’t have clear rules how to name a specific object in ConfigMgr. The result is often a little mess with .old, temp and files, which are never found again, because nobody would search them at their current location.

So we have created some basic rules which are tested in many projects and help the Configuration Manager administrators during their daily business and project.

Download Poster 

If you have some inputs to optimize these poster, please contact me over any media…

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