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Attending MMSMOA as a newbie

This year, it was the first time, I attended the MMSMOA (Midwest Management Summit Minnesota). And I was thrilled to see, that this user group event is something special. Not only do you get the chance to meet many important persons (product group including developers, MVP’s, consultants, ConfigMgr and EMS engineers) at one place, but also the opportunity of having open-minded talks and sharing the knowledge with each other. In this blog, I would like to share a few thoughts about this conference and its benefits.

  • Sessions & Knowledge sharing

    For me personally, it was quite hard to decide which session to attend since there are so many interesting sessions. They vary from level 100 to deep dive 500 sessions. Fortunately (thanks to Brian Mason), sessions with many attendees are hold twice to ensure, everybody gets the chance to attend these sessions.

  • Community Driven

    The MMSMOW team organizes together with their sponsors a real mixed bag of activities to ensure everyone has a good time. Right from the beginning they provided easy ways to connect with other people by taking part in an escape room session, curling, cart driving, quiz nights and much more.

  • Conference Size

    Before attending the conference, I was a little concerned that the MMSMOA will be so big that I will not be able to find my colleagues again. However, compared to Ignite, it was ridiculously easy to get in touch with other experts. If you are waiting for someone else, it takes only a few seconds to be engaged in an interesting discussion with another attendee about tech stuff. Also, the speakers and the Microsoft product teams are close to you and pleased to discuss any topic you have. In case you have something special to talk about, there were as well camping sessions to speak about specific topics in your environment.

  • Product Team 

    One of the biggest advantages of this event is the involvement of the product teams. The interaction between the ConfigMgr team is awesome and you realize that both parties’ profit from the event. On the one hand, the product team including developers and managers, get the chance to learn from the audience and to see real world problems. On the other hand, all attendees can see that David James is not only talking about that love for customer feedback. They really use the feedback and developed just during the MMSMOA more than 14 enhancements.

  • Costs 

    The costs of the MMSMOA are compared to a Microsoft training very low. A dedicated Microsoft training does not allow you to choose the topic every two hours and is not able to provide you with the same depth of knowledge but is more expensive than the MMSMOA.

    Microsoft training in Switzerland: around 3800CHF
    MMS including Flight/Hotel/Conference with early Bird/Meals: around 3600CHF 

    The costs for MMSMOA can even be cheaper in case you order your tickets earlier. Me as a boss, I highly recommend attending the MMSMOA or any other MMS event.

It’s all about:

Workplace, Community and Knowledge Sharing

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and don’t forget, the MMS 2020 Midway Edition will start on the USS Midway: 

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