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Category: Optimization

Windows 10 – Logon Performance for Pooled VDI’s

If you are trying to implement Windows 10 in a pooled/unpersistent VDI environment you will recognize that the logon performance is really bad. After some speed tests, I could find some settings which have impact the logon process. The second logon (different user) is much faster, than the first one. So try

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Windows 10 Language Settings with Store Apps

In the last year we experienced a lot of problems with Windows 10 language settings and the Microsoft Store Apps. Like Roger Zander described in his blog, we would like to have an English operating system but an activated German MUI. We are living in Switzerland, so we need to

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Easily generate your WIM Files with WimAsAService

We had a dream, all our customers should be able to generate their monthly WIM files without issues. But mostly we faced the problem, that the customers need a lot of time to generate their base images for ConfigMgr, Virtual Machine Manager or even XenDesktop. The issues relied on: ConfigMgr’s

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My Top 5 Feature Requests for SCCM, vote for them!!!

It’s important to give feedback to the Microsoft SCCM Product Group. One possibility is to use the Microsoft Connect Website. There are many feature request, I will present five of them in this blog article. The product group evaluates how important the feature requests are and if the impact is

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SCCM 2012 PXE Optimization

This week I had to optimize the PXE boot time because it took nearly 2 minutes to load the WinPE file over the network. I found different blogs with solutions to do that in SCCM 2007. In this blog I will explain the most powerful settings in a SCCM 2012

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