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My Top 5 Feature Requests for SCCM, vote for them!!!

It’s important to give feedback to the Microsoft SCCM Product Group. One possibility is to use the Microsoft Connect Website. There are many feature request, I will present five of them in this blog article. The product group evaluates how important the feature requests are and if the impact is high, they will try to implement them. For this it’s important, that the customer vote for them.

  1. So first you have to join SCCM Connect group with your Microsoft Account at the following Link:
  2. Vote for the feature requests you would like to see. If you can’t or get a Page not found, check if you are joined to the SCCM Connect site.


Now my top 5 feature requests I saw on the connect website are:

  1. Integrate Company Portal features into Software Center: This feature is very important, if you have user and device targeted applications. At the moment user applications are displayed in a web application and device targeted in the local software center. This is not very user friendly and needs to be changed. Vote for it! and here!
  2. Wishing for an X-Mas Update Miracle: Some updates require a second restart, which crashes a task sequence as explained in KB2894518. A solution would be nice to generate WIM files in one step and with all updates. Vote for it!
  3. DCR: Ability to reinstall required deployments: How many of us wish to get a possibility to repair or reinstall applications? Perhaps the product team can hear us.  Vote for it!
  4. CSS DCR: Implement Custom Messages per Return Code for Application Deployment Types: This feature will enhance ConfigMgr to display the message which you can configure on the error code register of each deployment type. This will allow you to specify a message, if an application should be closed to get an application successfully installed.  Vote for it!
  5. Dependency reboot behavior not honored: If a dependency needs a reboot, the reboot is executed after the main application. This is bad because often the reboot is needed to get the main application successfully installed. Vote for it!


If you have voted for all feedbacks you like to see in the next SCCM version , check the connect site from time to time to see if some new requests are online or write your own feedbacks.

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