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Tag: SCCM 2012

SCCM WDS Service unexpected restarts

If your WDS service unexpected restarts and you have multiple routers with ip helpers defined, the following problem can occure: Multiple router forward the same request to the WDS server The WDS starts a threads per request This threads access the same object at the same time   Error in

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SCCM 2012 can’t connect to the SQL Server

​Localy on the SCCM Server there has to be an SQL Server Native Client. Version 2008 R2 is not supportet. So if you Install Reporting Services 2008 R2 later on the SCCM Server, the Native Client is updated and SCCM can’t connect to SQL.  

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Access Denied on Clients from Untrusted Domains/Workgroups

Applications and Windows Updates are not downloaded on clients which are in a workgroup or not in the same domain like the SCCM primary site server. The Network Access Account is specified in the site settings and is used for downloading Packages during OSD. When the OSD task sequence starts

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Easy Scripts Troubleshooting

​Scripts which are startet during the WinPE can’t write a log file to the client. It’s hard to troubleshoot them witout logging infromation. A easy way to get back information to the sccm server are status messages. Use the following commands to get a log directly to the status messages.

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Deploy App-V Applications with SCCM 2012

Delivery Methods Information from the Microsoft White Paper “App-V and ConfigMgr 2012” Streaming Delivery When managed by Configuration Manager, the App-V Client supports streaming virtual applications via HTTP or HTTPS from a Configuration Manager standard Distribution Point server. Streaming via HTTP or HTTPS is enabled by default and configured as

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Restart behavior of SCCM Client 2012

Assuming an installation program returns an exit code of 3010 another exit code that signals a needed reboot. Available Deployment User starts installation User is prompted to reboot the computer but it’s optional, no reboot is forced by the SCCM client.Balloon info: Restart window: Warning if user clicks restart now:

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