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Restart behavior of SCCM Client 2012

Assuming an installation program returns an exit code of 3010 another exit code that signals a needed reboot.

Available Deployment

  • User starts installation
    User is prompted to reboot the computer but it’s optional, no reboot is forced by the SCCM client.Balloon info:

    Restart window:

    Warning if user clicks restart now:

Required Deployment

  • No user is logged on
    The computer will automatically restart
  • User logged on
    The SCCM client will show a message to the user that the newly installed software needs a reboot to complete. Until then no more software will be installed.
    A countdown is shown which shows the time left until the computer restarts automatically (default 90 minutes, can be changed in Client Settings). This dialog can be minimized by the user until a specified amount of time left (default 15 minutes, can be changed in Client Settings), when the dialog cannot be hidden and the progress bar is shown in red.Balloon info:

    Restart window:

    Software Center:

    Warning if user clicks on the reboot button:

  • User has locked his computer
    The computer is automatically rebooted when the countdown is over.

Task Sequence

  • Application installation inside a Task Sequence
    Computer automatically reboots
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