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Category: SCCM 2007

Easily generate your WIM Files with WimAsAService

We had a dream, all our customers should be able to generate their monthly WIM files without issues. But mostly we faced the problem, that the customers need a lot of time to generate their base images for ConfigMgr, Virtual Machine Manager or even XenDesktop. The issues relied on: ConfigMgr’s

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Windows Update Issue which every SCCM OSD/OSI Engineer should know! (KB2894518)

Often I see the following issue, updates are installed during a Task Sequence, then the Task Sequence doesn’t continue after a reboot. In the smsts.log are errors like these: !sVolumeID.empty(), HRESULT=80004005 !sTSMDataPath.empty(), HRESULT=80070002 TS::Utility::GetTSMDataPath( sDataDir ), HRESULT=80070002 Failed to set log directory. Some execution history may be lost. The system

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Automatically merge conflicting records

Reinstalling a computer can cause Configuration Manager 2007/2012 to create a new computer object for this computer and setting the existing computer object to obsolete. To prevent Configuration Manager from automatically creating new computer objects and instead merging the new record with the existing object you have to implement a

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Easy Scripts Troubleshooting

​Scripts which are startet during the WinPE can’t write a log file to the client. It’s hard to troubleshoot them witout logging infromation. A easy way to get back information to the sccm server are status messages. Use the following commands to get a log directly to the status messages.

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