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FAQ - Workplace Ninja Events

Summit 2023

The goal of the Workplace Ninja Summit is to bring the workplace management ninjas together to share their knowledge and learn together. The Summit 2023 will take place in Baden (Switzerland) during three days. 

The Workplace Ninja Summit will start on the 27th September and finish on the 29th September 2023. The Event will take place in the Trafo in Baden (Switzerland). 

English. The keynote, all sessions, panels and round tables will be held in English. The registration desk staff will also speak English.

You will see the most prominent community (MVPs, 3-Party Awarded) and corporate (Microsoft) speakers at the Summit. Check out the session plan of last year.  

No. The important part of the Workplace Ninja events it network and discuss with like-minded people. The slides are shared only with attendees via Sched. In general attendees can take pictures or videos for personal use. If content is shared under NDA then the speakers are responsible to clarify it with the attendees in the room and are doing it at their own risk. The Workplace Ninja Summit Organization is not liable or responsible by all means for any NDA disclosure.

Check out our small shop here. Or be a sponsor. Get in touch with us. 

The NinjaZone is a designated area at the venue where members of the community can come together to meet and discuss various topics with each other.

Find your accommodation through the booking platform of the city of Baden.

Regular full event pass for all days. This event pass includes: – entry to the venue – Mind-blowing sessions from world class speakers – non-alcoholic beverages during the day – lunch meals Not included are: – Hotel – Breakfast – Dinner (But some Sponsors are planning to organize something)

We only allow access to the venue when the tickets are fully paid, so make sure they are. As we have no payment station the only emergency option is to pay by cash or Paypal.

The venue has also public accessible areas and therefore it is required to wear the badge within the venue. (All the time!)

Yes, please read carefully our code of conduct before attending the event. 

The “City ticket” should be inclusive with most Hotels which allows using local transportation. If you don’t receive such a ticket you can ask the hotel reception for it.

No, there is no space available for luggage storage at the event venue. Please make arrangements to store your luggage at your hotel or other facilities before attending.

Yes, there is limited unmonitored storage space, but we advise against using it due to security concerns. We cannot guarantee the safety of your belongings in this area.

We recommend not bringing valuable items to the event. If necessary, keep valuable items with you at all times, as the event venue does not provide secure storage options.

General Summit information

The mission of the Workplace Ninja Summit is to be the major European technology conference focused on Microsoft Workplace Management with the current technologies such as System Center Configuration Manager, Intune, Client Security with ATP family and also VDI driven technologies. The Workplace Ninja Summit will focus primarily on Microsoft Workplace Management solutions, with a certain amount of the sessions dedicated to Citrix, as well as to other vendors and hybrid solutions.  

Europe needs a dedicated premium Workplace Management conference. There are many Azure and Office 365 related conferences in Europe but the topics for Workplace Management are often included as a single track or only a part of another track, but they never seem to be the primary focus. There is no major premium event in Europe dedicated exclusively to Workplace Management in any manner. The Workplace Ninja Summit is here to fill this gap and provide exclusive focus on Microsoft and other cloud computing topics.

It is indeed both. We will have world-class experts and speakers, both from Microsoft Corporate and from the community (Microsoft MVPs), focusing not only on the newest features of Microsoft technologies and general cloud topics, but also on the business and legal aspects of working with device management technologies. Our content is focused on engineers and architects with level 300-500 sessions

The Workplace Ninja Summit is initiated and managed by:

Colemberg.ch GmbH 
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Telefon: +41 (0)79 410 48 22
E-Mail: info@wpninjas.eu
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