FAQ - Workplace Ninja Summit


The mission of the Workplace Ninja Summit is to be the major European technology conference focused on Microsoft Workplace Management with the current technologies such as System Center Configuration Manager, Intune, Client Security with ATP family and also VDI driven technologies. The Workplace Ninja Summit will focus primarily on Microsoft Workplace Management solutions, with a certain amount of the sessions dedicated to Citrix, as well as to other vendors and hybrid solutions. 

Europe needs a dedicated premium Workplace Management conference. There are many Azure and Office 365 related conferences in Europe but the topics for Workplace Management are often included as a single track or only a part of another track, but they never seem to be the primary focus. There is no major premium event in Europe dedicated exclusively to Workplace Management in any manner. The Workplace Ninja Summit is here to fill this gap and provide exclusive focus on Microsoft and other cloud computing topics.

It is indeed both. We will have world-class experts and speakers, both from Microsoft Corporate and from the community (Microsoft MVPs), focusing not only on the newest features of Microsoft technologies and general cloud topics, but also on the business and legal aspects of working with device management technologies. Our content is focused on engineers and architects with level 300-500 sessions

The Workplace Ninja Summit is initiated and managed by:

Colemberg.ch GmbH 
Balmfluhstrasse 4 
4524 Günsberg 

Telefon: +41 (0)79 410 48 22
E-Mail: info@wpninjas.eu
Web:   wpninjas.eu

The complete organization team is listed on the summit page.

In Zürich, Switzerland, from 2528 August 2020. This Swiss city in the middle of Europe make it possible for almost every country in Europe with a direct flight to the venue, which is direct at the airport, Zurich (15 minutes by train) offers all we need for a great conference: stunning scenery, convenient logistics, a central European location with a vibrant community. The last days of August promise to be perfect with warm temperatures and lots of fun to be had after the sessions. 

The venue is in the brand new “the circle” building.

We are expecting from 200 to 500 attendees from all over Europe in Zurich for the Workplace Ninja Summit

English. The keynote, all sessions, panels and round tables will be held in English. The registration desk staff will also speak English.

You will see the most prominent community (MVPs, 3-Party Awarded) and corporate (Microsoft) speakers at the Workplace Ninja Summit 2020. The first speakers will be announced in March 2020.

No. The important part of the Workplace Ninja events it network and discuss with like-minded people. The slides are shared only with attendees. Recording with your own equipment is prohibited.  

No technical sessions, but there are organized fun sessions, excursions and dinners which help to connect with other attendees.

We always need volunteers or sponsors. Just contact us to discus your engagement.

The NinjaZone is the center of the conference where all the people can meet and discus with each other. Between sessions drinks and snacks will be provided in this area.

Summit Location

The Circle, Zurich Airport

The conference and hotel is directly located at the airport Zürich, which also has his own well connected train station. Therefore, you don’t need any shuttle or other ground transportation if you arrive at the airport Zürich. We recommend to arrive by train or plane. The are also parking spaces available.

There are also a lot of other hotels near the airport. Most of them also provide shuttles to the airport so it’s also no problem to stay there. But keep in mind the session start early in the morning ;).

During the day we offer drinks and coffee. Lunch and an aperitif is also included in the event fee and is provided directly at the venue. Breakfast is included in the Hyatt Hotel offer.

You have plenty of options available for dinner. You can go to restaurants in the airport or go by public transport to Zürich city which is just 15 minutes away.

No, it’s in the same building like the conference.