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Category: Windows Store for Business

Preinstall Company Portal App to your computers with MDT

In a current project which has the goal to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 we have no ConfigMgr infrastructure available and cannot use Autopilot or PPKG file, because we must install Windows 10 on the devices first. Therefore, we decided to use MDT and after the setup we

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Deployment options with Microsoft Intune

You can deploy several application types with Microsoft Intune, which can be assigned to users or devices. Not all options are always available, so we have created a chart, which will give you an overview about the possibilities. User targeted Device targeted   Available Required Available Required iOS VPP X iOS

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Setup Windows Store for Business with Mirko

MVP Mirko Colemberg has created a nice Video at Ignite about Windows Store for Business. Check it ou now: He explains not only the process to setup your own WSfB, he also covers the topic how Developers can share Line of Business (LOB) Apps to specific customers.

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Basic Setup for Windows Store for Business

The Windows Store for Business is available on every Windows 10 (Build 1511) device and enables you as a company to purchase App licenses for your employees and define which applications they can use. Additionally you can reassign licenses, if an employee left the company. The applications are automatically updated

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