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Thomas Kurth

Extended Windows Autopilot Companion App

The last weeks I had time to play a little bit more with Windows Autopilot especially White-Glove and the Companion App example from Microsoft.  First of all, one of the bad things is, that the app is not published to an Store. But I hope I can change that in

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Automatic environment cleanup with Intune Connector for AD Extender

In today’s environments one of the most important point is to keep them clean and tidy. Otherwise deployment statistics and security related reports are not correct. Therefore it’s important to continuously clean up your environment. In this blog I will cover solution on how to automatically cleanup when you are

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Extending the Intune Connector for Active Directory

When using Azure AD Hybrid Join with Windows Autopilot the «Intune Connector for Active Directory» is closing the gap between your on-premise Active Directory and Azure AD. It provides the domain join functionalities to your devices. This process works great, but as soon you start using it you have more

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