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Tag: Modern Management

Syntaro Introduces Application Deployment Rings to Intune

With our App Management Module, we solved an important issue most of you have with Intune: the distribution of applications which are not single MSI files and which might require pre and post steps during install and uninstall. This module is now in production for several of our customers and

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Syntaro App Management Base Script extended to Version 9

When working with Syntaro App Management you learn how helpful the Base Script can be. I have extended it to make it simpler to create your own packages. In the last few weeks I had the following challanges in customer projects. Kill running Processes Until last week you had to

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New Syntaro Version 1803

I’m happy to announce the availability of Syntaro Version 1803. The new Version improves the Application Management Module and allows you to better control and monitor your deployments in a modern managed Windows 10 environment with Intune. If you would like to try out our solutions, you can register your

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