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On this page you will find an overview of all legal documents for WPNinja community. This page is provided for your convenience as an overview of the terms and conditions that govern the Homepage, Tools, Usergroup Events and Conferences. Ancillary services, software, and content, may be governed by additional or different terms not listed bellow. The WPNinjas community is organized by multiple individual groups where each is responsible for their content:

  1. Webpage
  2. Newsletter
  3. Summit
  4. Usergroup events


The webpage (www.wpninjas.ch/www.wpninjas.eu) is the core of the community and is used to publish events organized by the local user groups and also the global summit, blogs and tools written by community members. 

Tools an scripts provided on this page which do not contain a specific license are made available under the MIT license.

Responsible Contact

You can contact the webpage owners by using the contact form.

WPNinja Summit

The Colemberg.ch GmbH is the responsible organizer of the WPNinja Summit.

Responsible Contact

Colemberg.ch GmbH
Balmfluhstrasse 4
CH-4524 Günsberg

Commercial register entry

Number CHE-252.723.911
Commercial register office of the Canton of Solothurn

VAT number: CHE-252.723.911MWST

Local User Group Events / Meetups

The local user groups are solely responsible for their own event and nor the WPNinja management team or the WPNinja Summit organization takes any liability. 

The organizers are visible in the meetup groups or highlighted during event sign-up.

All WPNinja user group events obey the following rules: