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How to ceate your account

Dear Workplace Ninja,

In the coming days we will initiate the account registration process that will provide you access to the Workplace Ninja Virtual Edition 2020 that we will be hosting on the Microsoft Community Teams platform.

To ensure your access to the event, we encourage you to complete the signup process prior to the event start date.

Below you find step by step instructions for creating your account.


Check your inbox for an e-mail from: teamcreator@msftcommunity.com (Team Creation Service Account) with the subject You’ve Been Invited to Join a team!

If you cannot find the mail, check your Spam folder.


Click on the link ‘Click here to Review and Accept’


Review the Microsoft Community Tenant Terms of use, select “Accept” and then click the Submit Button


Upon successful submission, you will receive the following message. 


After a few minutes you will receive a second e-mail from: teamcreator@msftcommunity.com with the subject Microsoft Community Tenant: Member Login Details

Note: your Microsoft community tenant username is different from the e-mail address you used to register.

Example: When you registered to the event with john.doe@outlook.com your community user name will be john.doe@msftcommunity.com

If there was already another person with the same name, your account name will get a number added such as john.doe1@msftcommunity.com


Click on the Microsoft Teams link in the e-mail. 

Important: When you already signed into Teams with another account, click on sign-out


Enter your Microsoft community username and temporary password


Enter your temporary password again and then enter a new password.  


We all know MFA is a good thing, so click Next


Follow the instructions. 


When completed, you will be automatically redirected to the Workplace Ninja Summit Community Teams site: 


If you prefer to add another MFA method such as the Microsoft Authenticator App, open another browser tab and go to https://myaccount.microsoft.com/ and select update info

Select + Add method and then choose another MFA method.