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How to use Microsoft Teams

On this page we give you a short introduction for Microsoft Teams and how to use this platform during the Workplace Ninja Virtual Edition.   

How can I enter a channel? Where can I find my channels?

Select on the left side “Teams”. Your channels might be hidden. Click on “hidden channels” to see all your available channels.  

Then all your channels will pop up. Now click on the channel you want to enter.

What is the meaning of the different channels?

Fun Stuff: Visit this channel if you need a break or if you want to connect with the community.

Say Hello: Say hello to the other Ninjas. Tell something. Just be friendly 🙂

Woman in IT: A channel for Women in technology at the Workplace Ninja Summit. All are welcome to join to share and discuss matters relating to Woman in IT. 

Sponsors: Check out our sponsors. Ask questions. Maybe they have to say something. 

General: Your general channel is here as a content hub for important information. The organizers may post something during the event. 

On the top of this channel you see some tabs, which will be very useful. 

Click here on “session agenda” on the top, to see all the sessions. 

The Info Hub is here to give you more information about the event. Check it out. 

Channel 1-3: In this channels you will find the scheduled meetings where the sessions will be held. Mirko Colemberg scheduled a meeting for every event day. There will be some additional Meetings like “BoF / AMA / Q&A and Closing Note“

How to join a session:

To join a session just click on the purple field. 

After clicking on the purple field, a new window will open. To join the meeting/Session klick on the purple button “Join” or on “join Microsoft Teams Meeting”

After clicking on the button, you will be invited to set your settings. Please make sure to mute yourself. We want to give the full attention to our speakers. Then click the “Join now” button.

Second option to join a session 

Click on the left site tab on your calendar. 

You will find here an overview over all the event days and the scheduled meetings in every channel. Double click on the channel you want to join. And then the same check in process as above.

Use the chat to connect with other attendees

You can send direct messages to any attendees. But please check before our code of conduct. Have fun connecting with the crowed. 

In case you have questions, please connect with us. 

How to use your Outlook calendar for the event

Add sessions to your calendar

Open outlook.office.com/calendar 

Select the group “Workplace Ninja Summit” on the left.  

Select the day you want to organize. On the selected day you will see all the sessions of the day. 

Blue = Sessions in Channel 1

Green = Sessions in Channel 2

Orange = Sessions in Channel 3

We have created a full-day meeting for all the three channels over all the event days. This means, that you will only have three links to handle: One link for each channel. So you will have it easier to switch between the channels.

Do you want to add sessions to your personal calendar? Just select one session and use the “add to my calendar” button:

When you like to join the session, just double click on the session in your calendar. A new window will open including the link to the channel, where the session will be held. Then select “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” AND ENJOY!

Hope that helps to find your session and join to the right time 😊

Be aware, the time we use is Central European Time. With adding your selected sessions to the calendar, they should appear in your timezone.