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Workplace Ninja Summit 2022

We are looking forward to meeting you this year finally in person. The Workplace Ninja Summit 2022 will take place in Lucerne (Switzerland). 


Our goal is to bring the crowd of workplace management and security ninjas together to share their knowledge, learn together. This covers topics around management of endpoints with configuration manager and Intune, as well virtual desktops and the complete security stack of Microsoft.

Covered Topics

Knowledge Infusion

We will have again international speakers from with high class sessions. Let’s share the knowledge and grow together. 


The NinjaZone is the most important location beside the session rooms. It allows collaborating, ask questions and grow your network with world leading workplace ninjas. This room is the center of the summit and there will always be beverages and snacks for you.


The KKL Lucerne is located directly at the lake and just a few steps away from the train station. 

First class infrastructure, including free WiFi and modern equipment will provide a unique learning experience. 

Lucerne, Switzerland

The Summit 2022 takes place in the beautiful city of Lucerne. After a quick and direct train ride from Zurich Airport  (ZRH) you will arrive at the venue and hotel.

During the evening events, you will have the chance to see authentic and amazing attractions of this famous place.

We have limited hotel deals. Please check out our FAQ.


We are convinced that it is the right time for a physical event, where we can meet and connect in person. 

We are aware, that everyone has different feelings and expectations towards COVID. We try our best to consider this, for example with bigger rooms. 

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