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Pratheep Sinnathurai

Would you recommend #mmsmoa to anyone else?

What is the MMS? The Midwest Management Summary is a 4-day conference for Microsoft Endpoint Manager enthusiasts. There is a wide selection of sessions about the latest changes, improvements and the opportunity to exchange ideas with Microsoft or with MVPs. It was a wonderful experience, and I learned a lot. 

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Pascal Berger

MSIX Commander 1.0.7 released

After working on it for a very very long time I now finally have a new Version that I’m ready to share. The new version now brings the possibility to convert MSIX packages to a vhd. You can then use that vhd for MSIX app attach in different scenarios but

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New version of MSIX Commander released V1.0.3

I invested some evenings and added some cool new features to my tool MSIX Commander Those new features are the following: Added the Edit Manifest Tab. It lets you change the Min- and Maxversions in a Manifest of one ore multiple MSIX Files automatically. Added the Change Signature Tab. If

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Syntaro Hits Australia and Increases Security

We’ve just released new versions of the Syntaro Marketplace, as well as our Application Management and WimAsAService modules. Apart from improved usability (copying of package versions, integration of basescript from github etc.) in a lot of spaces, we’re very happy to share three major new features. New Regions – Australia

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Preinstall Company Portal App to your computers with MDT

In a current project which has the goal to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 we have no ConfigMgr infrastructure available and cannot use Autopilot or PPKG file, because we must install Windows 10 on the devices first. Therefore, we decided to use MDT and after the setup we

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CMCE – Config Manager Community Event 13.1.2014

Next January we are attending the Config Manager Community Event. In our sessions we will demonstrate some troubleshooting tricks and show you how we can make your life easier with netECM. There are also some other very interesting sessions about SCCM, PowerShell, SCUP and Mobile Device Management. It’s also possible

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