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netECM is Ready for ConfigMgr CB Release

In the last months we have updated and tested all netECM components to work with the newest ConfigMgr Releases. Additionally there are several cool new features. Try it out: http://www.netecm.ch   Change Device Type of a Device Until now you had to remove a device from netECM and add it

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Free ConfigMgr MiniWebService Updated

I have updated the MiniWebService which is available for free. The first feature was the ability to request all device or user targeted applications over http to install them dynamically. Many customers are using this feature already. Now I extended it, so that the search only returns applications, which are

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User interaction during installation process

So far with netECM:Launcher, it was possible to configure applications that are not allowed to run when an installation starts. netECM:Launcher would check for these applications before starting the actual installation and fail with a specific error code if one of these applications was running. With the latest release of

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Configuration Manager OS Deployment Engineer’s Dream

Since I work with Configuration Manager, I’m not very happy with the staging process. Every Configuration Manager User knows the problem that applications are installed after the task sequence finished and the customer would like to start using his computer and nothing is displayed on the login screen of windows.

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