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Category: OSD

SCCM 2012 PXE Optimization

This week I had to optimize the PXE boot time because it took nearly 2 minutes to load the WinPE file over the network. I found different blogs with solutions to do that in SCCM 2007. In this blog I will explain the most powerful settings in a SCCM 2012

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Driver Management: How to detect Hardware Model for Drivers

In the past, we detected the hardware type of a computer with WMI queries in a Task Sequence step. When you deploy multiple Operating Systems or Task Sequences, you have to manage the WMI Query on many locations. Andreas Kuperschmied and Roman Andres have created an abstraction layer for this

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OSD on Clients with low Disk Space

When you setup clients with low disk space(3-5GB), it could be that the OSD task sequence breaks during the step "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" with the error code 0x80070070. My first opinion was that we can’t stage these clients, but I found out, that the wim file is not deleted

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