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Category: Concept

ConfigMgr ADR Patchday Calculator with Gant-chart

UPDATE 19.04.2018: Excel Sheet is now available with English day names. Thank you for the feedback Fadi When you configure your Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) for the monthly Patchday, then you have to specify multiple times and timespans. Sometimes it is not so easy to check and verify these settings.

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Repair Applications with netECM (Local and Remote)

How often do you have a problem with a single application and would like to reinstall it easily? With SCCM you have to add the client to an uninstall collection, wait until the client has received the deployment and then remove it from the uninstall collection and add it back

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Best Practice: File and Folder Structure for SCCM 2012

In most SCCM 2012 projects, the engineers try to define a folder structure during the concept phase. At the end of the project or already during the implementation they find out, that they have forgotten some cases. Therefore we created a folder structure concept which is tested an already in

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