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Christoph Düggeli

Sentinel Automation use case – custom Alerting with LogicApps

Intro I recently stumbled over a LogicApp (Microsoft Sentinel Playbook) I’ve created a long time ago where I needed to fix some stuff. The use case of the LogicApp is to handle the phone alerting process for customers with specific alerting requirements (no 24/7, only dedicated times during the day).

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Microsoft Purview
Thomas Kurth

Microsoft Purview Information protect predefined permission groups demystified

When working with Information Protection Sensitivity Labels it’s common to create labels which also enforce encryption. Today we have multiple predefined groups available, but which users do they really include. Because of this I have played through the different scenarios and provide an overview within this blog.  Test environment Tenant

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Azure AD
Thomas Kurth

Azure AD Device based Authentication

When creating solutions in Endpoint Management it’s often the case that you need to execute scripts in SYSTEM context and submit data to a webservice. As long the devices are Active Directory Joined or Azure Active Directory Hybrid Joined this is not an issue as the computer itself has an

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