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Would you recommend #mmsmoa to anyone else?

What is the MMS?

The Midwest Management Summary is a 4-day conference for Microsoft Endpoint Manager enthusiasts. There is a wide selection of sessions about the latest changes, improvements and the opportunity to exchange ideas with Microsoft or with MVPs. It was a wonderful experience, and I learned a lot. 

For me personally, the MMS was a highlight in my IT career. Why? I learned a lot and met new interesting people from all over the world. Due to the gained knowledge, I can provide our customers the newest technologies. In this brief blogpost I would like to give you my main reasons, why you should also take part in the next MMS.

Never stop learning

Before the start of the MMS, you could already register for sessions. I took part in several presentations about KQL, Log Analytics, Intune, Networking, Configuration Manager and Azure Arc, and other topics that I was interested in. After each sessions we had 15 minutes for questions and discussions. It was great to discuss real problems with other experts and find suitable solutions.

My key takeaway is: Automation is everything!  With the help of Azure Monitor for example I could write all events about BitLocker in a log analytics workspace. It is also possible to create reports for my customers with KQL.

First Session

Share your problems with Microsoft

Product Managers and Developers of Microsoft are also participating in those events. These are the specialists who are responsible for the further development of the products like the Endpoint Manager.

In the camping sessions with Microsoft, participants could share their ideas with Microsoft developers. Interesting ideas were programmed on-site and presented in the evenings. I am very curious if my idea will be found in the next versions of Configuration Manager.


Meeting experts that you usually only know through blogs, Twitter or GitHub was a highlight for me. In the camping sessions, you had the opportunity to sit with them on one table and discuss problems and find solutions. Another personal highlight was the book about Azure Arc that I received from Steve Buchanan. This book is not even available in Switzerland. Mine is signed by  Steven and John and I am proud of it. I am really looking forward to reading their book. 

Azure Arc Book

Having a great time

After all the sessions and roundtables, we also had a great time. On the first evenings, there was organized a party in the Mall of America. Here we met other specialists, drove go-karts, had some nice chats and threw axes (yes, really). What a nice evening we had. 


 I would recommend this event to anyone who is interested in Microsoft technologies and would like to develop their skills. Of course, it is also a nice event to connect with other MS enthusiasts. If you are now interested in the MMS, you can find the dates for the next MMS on the website https://mmsmoa.com/

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