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Top 5 Questions during Modern Workplace Part 1 – Network Drives

During my engagements I have the chance to see many different environments and learn how customers transform to a modern workplace. In this series I will share the top 5 questions which arise. In this blog I will answer:

How do I map Network drives?

Mapping network drives was so simple with GPO Preferences. With Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune most of my customers are starting using Teams but often there are still some legacy file shares which need to be mapped. There are multiple solutions to reach this goal:

Intune Drive Mapping Generator

My colleague Nicola Suter has a wonderful solution which allows uploading existing GPOs and creating  PowerShell scripts which can be deployed via a Scripts deployment. This is optimal if you have existing GPO’s and or would like to map specific drives based on user group membership.
Intune Drive Mapping Generator

OMA-URI/ADMX backed policy

Mark Thomas has published another method based on ADMX backed policies which is another great way if you have just a few drives to map. Otherwise you end up with plenty of Intune polices.
Managing Network Drive Mappings With Intune HTMD Blog (anoopcnair.com) 

DFS Namespaces

If you have many drive mappings and complicated permissions and mapping models it could be the simplest option to setup a DFS and link all shares into it and just map the DFS root with one of the above options. 
DFS Namespaces


There are also other options like delegate the mapping to the end-user or creating your own scripts, but these three options are in my opinion the best.

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