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Intune Settings Catalog support in M365Documentation

The M365Documentation PowerShell module is extended with new incredible  functions:

  • PowerShell 7

    Support the execution on PowerShell 7 hosts.

  • MEM/Intune Settings Catalog

    The settings catalog is growing and is used by more and more customers. Now, it can also be documented with my module.

Additionally, a few bugfixes and smaller improvements were made. Not change is the list of supported systems which can be documented:

The Automatic Microsoft 365 Documentation PowerShell Module is available in the PowerShell Gallery and therefore its simple to install and use. You can just use these commands to create your first documentation:
Install-Module MSAL.PS
Install-Module PSWriteWord
Install-Module M365Documentation

# Connect to your tenant

# Collect information for component Intune as an example 
$doc = Get-M365Doc -Components Intune -ExcludeSections "MobileAppDetailed"

# Output the documentation to a Word file
$doc | Write-M365DocWord -FullDocumentationPath "c:\temp\$($doc.CreationDate.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmm"))-WPNinjas-Doc.docx"

More and advanced use cases are documented on github: M365Documentation/AdvancedUsage.md


Feedback is important to improve the solution in the future, therefore you can just submit feature requests or issues via Github Issues.

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