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Modern Workplace Client Center

I work in Workplace Management projects since a long time and troubleshooting was sometimes a nightmare, including with ConfigMgr. You had to read a lot of log files to recognize the core issue of a problem to be able to implement a solution. But I saw that only a small percentage of ConfigMgr Admins, can really understand the dependencies between all the log files and correlate the information correctly. So, a lot of people need just something much easier to solve their daily issues. Roger Zander built the Client Center for ConfigMgr which was the handy tool and helped a lot of ConfigMgr Admins by just enabling them to get a deep insight in what’s happening on a device and starting some remediation action like reset and refresh the policy.

Now, I work in modern workplace projects with Intune and Azure AD. Imagine, troubleshooting is not getting easier, but now there is a solution, the release of the Modern Workplace Client Center. All functions are available as a PowerShell module, which can easily be installed from the PowerShell Gallery on every Windows 10 computer. In the future I plan to publish also a UI version.

Key Goals

The key goals of my project are as follows:

  • Troubleshooting processes should be simplified by automatic system analysis.
  • Remediation of well-known issues detected by the analysis.
  • Get information about the system in PowerShell without knowing where all the things are saved (WMI/EventLog/Registry/Files)
  • The following Key products are in the focus:
    • Intune
    • Windows 10
    • Azure AD, incl. Hybrid Join

For me it’s important to get feedback from you. If you experience an issue and found a solution for it, please send me as much information about how to detect the issue. Perhaps event id’s, log names, registry keys and the expected values.

How to start

I made it simple as possible by adding the module to the PSGallery. Therefore, you can install the module by just triggering the following command on Windows 10. If you have never used the PS Gallery before, PowerShell will ask you to install some dependencies which will be downloaded automatically, if you approve it.

 Install-Module ModernWorkplaceClientCenter

What is already in it

The most important question of you will be “what is already in the module and how can this help me”. Here are the key functions:

  • Invoke-AnalyzeHybridJoinStatus
    Troubleshoots Azure Hybrid Join status and covers already 17 checks.

  • Invoke-AnalyzeMDMEnrollmentStatus
    Troubleshoots Windows 10 MDM Enrollment status and covers 6 checks.

  • Get-MdmMsiApp
    Retrieves information about all MDM assigned applications, including their installation state.

  • Get-MDMDeviceOwnership
    Returns information about the Ownership of the Device.
  • Reset-MDMEnrollmentStatus
    Resets Windows 10 MDM Enrollment Status.
  • Get-MDMEnrollmentStatus
    Get Windows 10 MDM Enrollment Status.
  • Get-MDMPSScriptStatus
    Returns information about the execution of PowerShell Scripts deployed with Intune.

Side Benefits

With the module you will also get access to the following functions:

  • Get-DsRegStatus –> Ever used dsregcmd and thought, why is it not a PowerShell command? Here it is…

  • Get-SiteToZoneAssignment –> Returns Internet Explorer Site to Zone assignments. This is more a helper function, but perhaps it helps you somewhere else.


If you have any feedback for improvements don’t hesitate to use the Issue Tracker on Github.

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