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Intune Win32 App Support and Syntaro Application Management

During Ignite Microsoft published and made public their intent to allow Win32 application distribution with Intune. First let me say that as service providers and partners we at baseVISION are happy to see Microsoft address the gaps in Intune for modern managed clients. We were always expecting as much and remain committed partners to the modern workplace based on EMS, Autopilot and Windows 10. It’s the future client management tools of choice for an increasingly mobile workforce with increasingly high security demands.

At Syntaro our main concern remains minimizing the workload of IT Pros and streamline deployment processes for Windows 10 – all to lower costs for the end customer. Even with Microsoft’s announcement Syntaro Application Management remains very competitive in this area. With our Syntaro product range we will continue to develop solutions which fill and extend the functionality provided by Microsoft, as well as lower efforts and increase the value of EMS, Autopilot and Windows 10.  Going through the preview we see that MS still has some unaddressed topics. This small overview shows you where Syntaro Application Management distinctly benefits and improves your EMS experience for modern managed devices when compared to Intune alone:

So you see, there are definitely many reasons to extend your Intune based management solutions with Syntaro Application Management. Also keep in mind that because we have our own secure storage for your applications, we allow you to store any file you need to be able to distribute an application to your clients. This also means we don’t require you to repackage all your files with a GitHub tool prior to upload for every version of your application – just zip it and upload. We like to keep things as simple as possible. If you do to, Syntaro and Syntaro Application Management might be the right solution for your needs.

As always we value your feedback on the direction of our solutions and appreciate when you make your opinions public through our Syntaro uservoice page!

  1. Requires Syntaro Application Management P2
  2. Requires Syntaro Application Management P2 – otherwise limited to 2 (production and archive) versions of an application
  3. Limitations of Intune PowerShell are:
  • devices must be joined to Azure AD. This does not include Hybrid AD joined devices.
  • only runs when user is logged on
  • only deployable to user groups
  • content which is used in the script has to be stored manually somewhere
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