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MSIX what we know so far

The intend of this blog post is to provide a quick overview about what we know right now and where you can get further information.

At the Build 2018 Conference Microsoft officially introduced MSIX. We learned what we have to expect and how the IT-World will benefit.

In Short it will combine, setup.exe, MSI, ClickOnce, App-V, Appx.

Microsoft’s plan is to bring us a new Packaging Technology to rule them all.
But that is their long-time goal and right now (and even by the end of this year) we are fare away from that.

What is clear right now?:

  • If your deploying your apps in the appx format you will be 100% supported. (I think that’s because for the moment MSIX is more a renaming of appx, the something else)
  • When you’re doing App-V right know you are already on the right path. And if you want to start a new App-V Project that’s the right way to go.
  • MSIX (in a very early Stage and Featureset) will get on our production PC’s starting this fall (With what will probably be called Windows 10 1809 or so).
  • A lot of 3rd Party Packaging Tool vendors will support MSIX (Advanced Installer, Cloudhouse, Embarcadero, Firegiant, Flexera, InstallAware, Liquit, Raynet).

Further Information:

If you want the get some more information I recommend you the following things.

So, if you’re more the reading type I recommend you this official Blogposts by some Microsoft Premier Field Engineers:


and that one


and that one


But if you’re more in to watching videos then you need to check out the following two video recordings of the Build 2018 Session about MSIX:

MSIX: Inside and Out:

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Accelerating Windows 10 enterprise app deployment with MSIX:

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Microsoft has also made a Tech Community Site where you can get the latest and greatest information and directly communicate with the people behind MSIX:


If you want to get some other opinions on the topic I recommend you those blogposts here:

Tim Mangan (App-V MVP): http://www.tmurgent.com/TmBlog/?tag=msix

Kevin Kaminski (App-V MVP): http://www.checkyourlogs.net/?p=52033

So that’s it for now. I’m also working on a blogpost about how to create your own MSIX. So, stay tune for that one.

Thanks for reading and have a good one.


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