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Using Compliance Manager to get GDPR Compliant

Microsoft has launched a new tool which help companies to get GDPR compliant. The Compliance Manager gives you an easy to understand dashboard and explains you the actions which you should take. It’s easy to start, just navigate to https://servicetrust.microsoft.com/ and Click on “Start Compliance Manager”. You can just login with your Azure AD/O365 Identity:

After Sign in you will see the Compliance dashboard, which will not just display the state of your GDPR compliance instead it shows the state for all the certifications. Some of them are completely managed like the ISO Certifications. You can also add other assessments to the dashboard, if you need some specific:

But now let’s dive into the GDPR Actions:

All the controls are well explained and you can document your result or if you need some additional clarification, you can also assign the control to a user. The user can then upload his documents to the control and you can just mark the test result from your side:

Over all, the Compliance Manager is good guideline to start GDPR readiness. If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact the baseVISION Team, which has GDPR Experts, which can help you to get compliant.

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