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How to create Firewall Rules for a Java based App with Syntaro App Management & Intune

Hi All, during the holiday season in between of 2017 and 2018 we got some challenges to change or set some Firewall Rules on a Device for an application, which is based on Oracle Java. But Java can be installed in various locations and can vary from version to version. So we created a nice PowerShell Script which can be deployed with the Java Package in Syntaro Application Management.

Side note: If you don’t use Syntaro Application Management yet, it is an Extension to Intune, which allows you to deploy every Application type, regardless of the installer type (MSI, EXE, BAT, VBS, …) and without limitation to a single file.

It is also possible to deploy the script over the new PowerShell Extension in Intune, but there you don’t have one single deployment and you have to split up the Java deployment and the Configuration. In our vision the configuration and the installer should be in one package, so that you have just a single thing to install. That’s why we use Syntaro.

The script can be found on Github.


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