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Protect your Data – Stop losing control over it – Monitor and Respond

In the last posts, you saw how to

In this post, I will show you, how you can monitor the usage of the documents and revoke access to a document. In every document, which is protected you can access the monitoring page over the track and revoke button.

This will give you access to the RMS Track page, which will show you who has opened the document and from which location. You can also see, which user tried to open the document. As an administrator you can also see this information for all other users. You can switch to the admin console with the dark blue icon in the upper right corner.

At the bottom of the page you can also start revoking a document. So, if you would like to block al users from opening the document, then that is the way to go. If you have configured the offline usage in the RMS Template, then you will get a message like that:

From now, nobody can access the document. Only the owner will have access to the document.

I hope you learned a lot in this blog series. If you need help in your implementation, don’t hesitate to contact me

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