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User interaction during installation process

So far with netECM:Launcher, it was possible to configure applications that are not allowed to run when an installation starts. netECM:Launcher would check for these applications before starting the actual installation and fail with a specific error code if one of these applications was running.

With the latest release of netECM:Launcher we introduced two new features to improve the interaction with logged on users regarding these interfering applications:

  • Open application handling
    Users can now be informed to close interfering applications before starting the pending installations.
  • Application blocker
    Once the installation process is running, the interfering applications are blocked so users cannot open them until the installation process has been completed.

Here’s an example of a package configuration. The applications notepad.exe and powershell.exe are not allowed to run when the installation of this package starts:


Open application handling

If pending installations cannot continue because a user is running interfering applications, the user is being informed:


It is possible to define a timeout. When the timeout is reached the interfering applications are closed and the installation process starts automatically.


If applications are instructed to close themselves but there are unsaved changes, they will remain open until the user confirms the close action:

06_ClosingInProgress2         07_ClosingInProgress_UnsavedChanges

Application blocker

If during an installation a user tries to start an interfering application, the user is informed to wait for the installation process to be finished:


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