Run a command after a task sequence has completed

​With Service Pack 1 for SCCM 2012, Microsoft introduced a few new task sequence variables. The one in the spotlight for this post is: SMSTSPostAction.

The SMSTSPostAction variable can be defined anywhere in the task sequence with a “Set Task Sequence Variable” step. Its value can be any command you wish, like:

  • Shut down the computer
    Command: shutdown /s /t 0shutdown
  • Run a PowerShell script (the script needs to be copied to the computer during the task sequence)
    Command: powershell -File “%TEMP%\Do-SomeStuff.ps1” -ExecutionPolicy ByPassps

This command is executed right after the task sequence was successfully completed. In the smsts.log the second last entry shows your post action command:

​Log Text Component​
​Successfully removed C:\WINDOWS\system32\OSDSETUPHOOK.EXE ​OSDSetupHook
Successfully removed C:\WINDOWS\system32\_SMSOSDSetup​ ​OSDSetupHook
​End program: [your command] ​OSDSetupHook
Successfully finalized logs to SMS client log directory from C:\WINDOWS\CCM\Logs​ ​OSDSetupHook


Thomas Kurth

Thomas Kurth

I’m a consultant, trainer and architect for modern workplace and enterprise mobility projects with Microsoft Technologies in the past eight years. I love to push and design the modern workplace based on Windows 10, EM&S and O365 for my customers which is the only answer for the current security threats, agile world and the fast-changing business requirements of my customers. Important for me is to simplify and automate the operational processes, because there are the highest costs.


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