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Best Practice: File and Folder Structure for SCCM 2012

In most SCCM 2012 projects, the engineers try to define a folder structure during the concept phase. At the end of the project or already during the implementation they find out, that they have forgotten some cases. Therefore we created a folder structure concept which is tested an already in production.

Our concept is based on two shares:

  • Development Share: On this share the package engineers are working. There are all documentations, source files and produced package.
  • Deployment Share: When an application is checked in to SCCM the produced package is copied without the documentation to the deployment share. The package engineers have no or only read access to this share. This means if an application is registered in SCCM and perhaps deployed we don’t modify the application, because this could end in an inconsistent environment.  In case of a problem in the application package we create a new package version and update all clients to the new version if needed.

This concept also allows us to have different roles:

  • SCCM Administrator: Is responsible for registering and deploying(Also pilot deployments) the application to devices.
  • Package Engineer: Is creating Packages from Source Binaries, testing and documenting them on the development share.


This is useful if you have outsourced the packaging process for example.

Download PDF:

Deployment Share


Development Share


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Jason · October 13, 2017 at 17:01

Thomas! Great Post! Do you by chance have the full structure you use? I see the pics but looks like there was more there. Just was curious as I am planning a new build out hierarchy in SCCM and just wanted to account for everything if possible and use your structure as a memory jogger. Thanks!

    Thomas Kurth · October 13, 2017 at 17:10

    Hi Jason

    Thank you, just updated the post. The pdf’s are now included in the post :).

    Have a nice Weekend.

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